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Our Research Projects

Active Surveillance & Specialised Assessments

Prospective active surveillance programs, including specialised assessments, delivered early and collaboratively provide a window of opportunity for better outcomes for individuals with cerebral palsy through early interventions.

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CP Registers & Collaborative Networks

CP Registers monitor the incidence and prevalence of cerebral palsy, gain further understanding about the causes of cerebral palsy around the world, evaluate preventive strategies and assist in planning services for children and adults who have cerebral palsy.

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Interventions & Best Practice

Existing and new interventions need to be investigated for their effectiveness, required resources and cost to implement. Health professionals and agencies using these interventions strive for best practise in their provision of services.

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Prevention & Cure

A broad range of potentially preventable causal pathways to cerebral palsy are investigated to lead to prevention and cure.

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Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP)

The translation of research-based information for people with CP and their families, clinicians, service providers and funding agencies ensures this information is available to facilitate discussions and decision making between these stakeholders regarding effective interventions and assessments.

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Are you a Researcher?

Each year we invest millions of dollars in a range of cerebral palsy research projects in Australia and overseas. See how our Grants program can help start or progress your project.

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