Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation
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Our Research Program

Meet the talented team of international and Australian researchers we support and read about the projects they are working on.


Our Research Institute

Our Research Institute employs researchers and clinicians representing a range of disciplines with extensive experience in the field of cerebral palsy research.


Our Grant Recipients

Our Grants Program has awarded more than $17.5 million in research grants and career development awards to researchers across the globe. These grants are selected on scientific merit by reviewers from around the world.


Research Priorities

The priority of our research program is to conduct research into the treatment, prevention and cure of cerebral palsy. These priority research areas were defined as a result of a Delphi Study conducted by our research team in 2007.


Research Projects

Under the direction of Professor Nadia Badawi, we have created an international Cerebral Palsy Research Network to define the research areas that have the potential for the most impact, on the most people, in the shortest time.