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IMPACT for CP group  - researchers
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To accelerate vital breakthroughs in cerebral palsy research, the Research Foundation of Cerebral Palsy Alliance is funding a new research network called IMPACT for CP – an International Multidisciplinary Prevention and Cure Team for Cerebral Palsy.

IMPACT for CP will enable researchers across the globe to more easily and effectively collaborate, share data, and decide which key research areas have the most promise for breakthroughs.

The network will include an international group of scientists, researchers, clinicians, families, people with cerebral palsy, philanthropists, industry, policymakers and funders.

The steering group for IMPACT for CP includes some of the world’s leading cerebral palsy experts – Professor Donna Ferriero, A Prof Jan Brunstrom, Professor Linda de Vries, Dr James Blackman, Professor Nadia Badawi, Professor Iona Novak, A Prof Karen Walker, Dr Sarah McIntyre and Cathy Morgan who all attended the 3rd Prevention and Cure Cerebral Palsy Summit held in 2014.

The group aims to encourage and facilitate collaboration and data sharing between cerebral palsy researchers throughout the world, and develop information on recommended protocols and common data elements for future trials. This information will soon be available at impact.cerebralpalsy.org.au

To date, the IMPACT for CP group has achieved consensus regarding global research priorities. These priorities have now been organised into topics including early detection and neuro-rehabilitation, the focus of this year’s Summit in Vienna, after which a number of attendees expressed an interest in working on clinical guidelines through the IMPACT for CP group.

Other research areas the group have deemed a priority include (but not limited to), birth defects, stroke, neuroregeneration, and CP Registers and surveillance.


  • Develop a shared research plan outlining goals and research priorities
  • Support efforts to expedite research translation: between basic science and clinical trials then into the community/ hospital environment to change clinical practice
  • Provide a forum for informal mentoring and support between researchers
  • Support strategic research through this network, other similar networks and further collaborations
  • Support the work of CP Registers
  • Connect investigators to enable data sharing
  • Provide standardised data collection tools and outcome definitions to support prospective and longitudinal data collection that can be more easily shared, compared and pooled
  • Explore opportunities for collaborative research
  • A coordinated effort to seek funding