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A Gift in Your Will to Cerebral Palsy Research

You can help researchers continue their work towards finding the answers to cerebral palsy by leaving a gift supporting cerebral palsy research in your Will.

In 2005 Cerebral Palsy Alliance established the Research Foundation with a generous bequest from Ms Elsie Thompson and a contribution from the Australian Federal Government.

People like Elsie who name Cerebral Palsy Alliance as a beneficiary in their Will have made it possible for researchers to uncover some of the most exciting breakthroughs to date.

Discoveries such as the preventative role of therapeutic hypothermia, magnesium sulphate and the General Movements Assessment have had a major impact on the diagnosis, treatment and management of cerebral palsy.

And to ensure more promising projects like these can get underway, they require guaranteed funding from generous hard working people like you who want to make a difference to their community.

Ethan and his grandfather

By leaving a gift to Cerebral Palsy Alliance, you help ground-breaking research to continue and be translated into real and valuable treatments – perhaps even a cure – for cerebral palsy.

Why Leave A Gift to Support Cerebral Palsy Research?

Thanks to kind-hearted people like you and your fellow supporters, ground-breaking research has reduced the number of babies being born with cerebral palsy in Australia by 20% since 2012. And that is why we really need to ensure cerebral palsy research continues into the future. A gift in your Will would help prevent and fund life-saving treatments for families living with cerebral palsy and our future generations.

As one of the world’s few organisations committed to funding cerebral palsy research, your Gift will help progress the work we need to do to prevent and cure cerebral palsy.

There are currently 17 million people in the world living with cerebral palsy. It’s also the most common physical disability in childhood.

Finding the causes and ways to prevent cerebral palsy is a difficult and lengthy process – one that needs people like you with long-term vision.

Your gift, large or small will make a difference today. Life changing-discoveries are possible with the support of people like you.

How To include a gift in your Will

Thank you for considering leaving a gift to support cerebral palsy research.

Naming Cerebral Palsy Alliance as a beneficiary in your Will is a simple process.

Just a few words in your Will can change the world for future generations:

“I give to The Research Foundation of Cerebral Palsy Alliance (ABN 45 000 062 288 )
(a) all of my residuary estate OR
(b) [x] percentage of my residuary estate OR
(c) the sum of $______________ OR
(d) [list asset or assets]
to be used for the general purposes of The Research Foundation of Cerebral Palsy Alliance (ABN:45 000 062 288) and I DIRECT that the receipt of the public officer or other proper person for the time being of this organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my trustee for the payment of such benefit.”

Name – Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Address – PO Box 6427, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086
Phone – 02 9975 8000
Fax – 02 9451 5209

To find out more information about leaving a gift in your Will to support cerebral palsy research contact Carol O’Carroll, our Fundraising Relationship Manager.

She will be able to show you how to include our organisation as a beneficiary in your Will, assist you with the correct wording, and include specific cerebral palsy research projects that may be of interest to you such as:

  • research into finding a cure for cerebral palsy
  • reduce the incidence of cerebral palsy
  • better therapy for babies and children
  • fund the world’s best and brightest minds in cerebral palsy research

Contact us


Thomas Keneally AO, Cerebral Palsy Alliance Ambassador and celebrated Australian novelist


Carol O’Carroll, Fundraising Relationship Manager

E: giftsinwills@cerebralpalsy.org.au

T: 02 9975 8955

Your gift can help:

  • Improve our understanding about the causes of cerebral palsy.
  • Change the lives of babies, children and adults living with cerebral palsy and our future generations through better treatment.
  • Fund critical training for hospitals and health professionals about new intervention and prevention strategies.
  • Urgent research projects get up and running.
  • Strengthen collaboration between the world’s best cerebral palsy researchers.
  • Help families in need living with cerebral palsy in developing countries.

Become part of a very special circle

As a heartfelt thank you for including Cerebral Palsy Alliance in your Will, you become part of a very special group, known as the Circle of Hands.

As a member, you will be invited to special events to hear interesting speakers, meet like-minded people who share your generosity of spirit, and learn about world-class therapies and research that could not happen without your support.

You will also be honoured with a unique masterpiece created by one of the artists who participate in our Arts Workshop.


“Whatever you give, your contribution will resonate throughout the generations who will come after us – by helping to improve the quality of life of people living with cerebral palsy, and perhaps even preventing it altogether”.

Thomas Keneally AO, author of Schindler’s Ark, later turned into Academy Award-winning film, Schindler’s List.