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Transforming the Future of Cerebral Palsy Research

Macquarie Group Foundation Chair of Cerebral Palsy Professor Nadia Badawi AM, and the Governors of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation invite you to a sociable and exhilarating evening of live crowdfunding.

Our impressive chief investigators, Dr Cathy Morgan, Dr Gulam Khandaker and Dr Hayley Smithers-Sheedy are changing lives through their world class research.

Each with a compelling and ground breaking research project to share, you will hear how they plan to minimise the impact of CP on a global level.

A live pledging session will follow each pitch, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 10th May 2017

Time: 5.30-8.30pm

Location: Clayton Utz,
Level 15, 1 Bligh Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Event registration

RSVP: Nadia Menzies

02 9975 8769

registrations close April 21st

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Meet the researchers

Dr Morgan will be seeking funding for assistive technology tools to be used in the Early Intervention program. Her work focusses on researching ways to help young infants with cerebral palsy optimise their movement and cognitive potential through targeted play activities and environmental enrichment.

“All children learn through play, yet infants with cerebral palsy cannot use many mainstream toys available on the market. They are literally locked inside their own bodies. Technology provides a pathway for learning for these children.”

She will be joined by the parent of a child with CP who is currently utilising the Early Intervention Program.

Gulam pic

Dr Khandaker hopes to engage your support for his work, addressing the impact of CP on families in low and middle income countries such as Bangladesh. His initial desire to extract data and adequately define the burden of CP within these communities has evolved into a substantial wheelchair distribution program.

“We have estimated that there are over 260,000 children with CP in Bangladesh of which over 120,000 have an unmet need of wheelchair/assistive devices.”

As international aid programs continue to focus on improving survival rates of newborns, it is likely the instance of CP will increase in these regions in the coming years. We need to apply the skills and knowledge the past ten years of research has given us to assist these communities too.

Dr Smithers-Sheedy’s ground breaking work has to date demonstrated the correlation between Cytomegalovirus (CMV) in expectant mothers and cerebral palsy in their newborns. CMV is a common virus in the herpesvirus family. Fifty percent people have been infected by young adulthood and up to 85% by 40 years of age.

Dr Smithers-Sheedy hopes that with your support, to ensure the findings of her work are accessible to intended parents, medical practitioners and the wider public. With an adequate awareness program it is believed that many cases of CMV and subsequent diagnosis of cerebral palsy, can be avoided.