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Computer Models Help People with CP Step Out

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x-ray vision of skeleton walking - computer model
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In 2013 Dr Glen Lichtwark received a $25,000 Career Development grant from the Research Foundtion. Dr Lichtwark is using this grant to advance the development of computer simulations so that his team can potentially predict how changes to the musculoskeletal system (e.g. surgery, strength training, functional electrical stimulation) might improve muscle function during tasks like walking.

The research team is seeking volunteers over the age of 18 with cerebral palsy for a study to examine how muscle strength and stiffness deteriorates over time, and the impact this has on physical activity and function.

Click here for the full story as reported by the University of Queensland.

For further information or to be involved in the study email Dr Lichtwark or phone 07 3365 3401.

Note – Dr Lichtwark’s study will require participants to attend the St Lucia campus of the University of Queensland where his study is being conducted.