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Research Fellow Hayley Smithers-Sheedy and Dr Sarah McIntyre from the Research Institute of Cerebral Palsy Alliance are working collaboratively with cerebral palsy registers across the country to collect vital clinical information to help improve our understanding of cerebral palsy.

Cerebral Palsy Registers have now been established in each state and territory in Australia to to help researchers monitor the incidence of cerebral palsy and identify its causes.

Collection of this vital information helps researchers evaluate the effectiveness of current and future interventions aimed at treatment or prevention.

To date, these registers have already helped researchers determine that 45% of children born with cerebral palsy were born at full-term (more than 37 weeks) with no indication of any disability at the time of birth.

CP Registers are confidential research databases of information including birth details, type and severity of cerebral palsy, other associated impairments and parent demographics.

Click here to find out more about joining your local CP Register.

Why we need your help

Such information is vital for researchers to better understand:

  • Causes: by identifying causal pathways to CP we can potentially prevent some cases of CP
  • Trends: by analysing how many people have CP each year, we can see if new interventions are reducing the incidence of CP. We can also help service providers plan and organise their services to better meet the needs of people with CP
  • Interventions: by looking at long term outcomes we can help understand which interventions work best

Take a look at our research program to find out more about our current and completed projects focussing on CP Registers and Networks.

The group regularly meet to report any changes in rates of cerebral palsy, trends and levels of severity of disability in cerebral from around the world. This information provides researchers with an important profile of the cerebral palsy population

In Australia, there are now cerebral palsy registers functioning in each state and territory.