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Chair of Cerebral Palsy

In 2009 Cerebral Palsy Alliance appointed Professor Badawi as Australia’s first Chair of Cerebral Palsy to oversee projects funded by the Research Foundation.

The position has been funded by the Macquarie Group Foundation, University of Notre Dame and the Australian Government.

Nadia and a baby

Professor Nadia Badawi AM

Professor Badawi AM is an internationally recognised neonatologist with extensive experience working in the field of cerebral palsy. As Chair, her role is to implement the strategic plan for cerebral palsy research priorities.

Professor Badawi is renowned for her research on the outcomes of neonatal intensive care, neurodevelopmental outcomes following major cardiac and non-cardiac surgery, neonatal encephalopathy and cerebral palsy.

Professor Badawi’s research builds on the evidence that fundamental brain structure can and does change; that the brain changes with every different activity it performs; and that when certain parts are destroyed, sometimes other areas of the brain can and will take over.

Her papers on newborn encephalopathy and the paper entitled ‘What Constitutes Cerebral Palsy?’ are some of the most cited cerebral palsy research papers in the world.

Professor Badawi is based at Notre Dame University, School of Medicine, from where she is leading our dedicated team of researchers at the Research Institute of Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

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